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More than a nice breakfast

More than a nice breakfast

At the Pension Almhof, you can do more than just spend the night and have a good breakfast. We like to invest in people, relationships, families.
The objects, including the text sheet with questions, actions and inspirational text, that we put on the breakfast table, are meant to get you thinking, having nice conversations with each other and making decisions during breakfast or later during the day. Of course, you are not obliged to do anything with them! You will probably be more attracted to one object than another. If you would like to talk to us about it, we are happy to do so.
Please leave the objects intact and do not to take them with you, unless it is specifically mentioned on the accompanying sheet.

Stone with marker
It is very easy to express displeasure and criticize each other. It is probably more difficult to give a compliment. And yet it is so nice to hear something positive from someone else. The atmosphere in your relationship, your family and even at work can be so much better if positive, constructive comments are made regularly.

Write down on the stone a positive word about the other person. You can also make a small drawing that expresses something positive about the other person.
Explain immediately or in the course of the day what you mean with the word or the drawing and why you have written it down.
[You may take the stone with you; not the marker.]

Inspiring text:
When you talk, don't say anything bad. But say the good things that people need—whatever will help them grow stronger. Then what you say will be a blessing to those who hear you.
Paul of Tarsus - Letter to the people of Ephesus, chapter 4, 29

Paperclip with notebook and pen

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and are happy to do our best to contribute to it. When you return home, you may quickly forget what you have been through. Perhaps there are conversations, thoughts or good intentions that you don't want to forget. Just as a paperclip holds papers together, you would like to have something to hold your thoughts on. Therefore, today we are going to put a paperclip, some note sheets and a pen in front of you so that you can write down what you don't want to forget.

Write down on a piece of paper what you do not want to forget about this stay.
[You may take the sheets with you; please don't take the paperclip and pen.]

Inspiring text:
Learn from yesterday Dream of tomorrow Live today
Author unknown

Letters THNX
It is easy to forget how comfortable we are materially. We are more likely to compare ourselves to people who are richer than us and thus feed our jealousy, which makes us unhappy and frustrated. While it is probably much easier to find people who are less rich than we are. When it comes to health and happiness, we are also more likely to focus on those who are better off than us, forgetting that we have more than enough reasons to be content and grateful. The beautiful thing is that gratitude makes one happy.

Put into words what you are grateful for and tell each other.

Inspiring text:
It is better to eat a little where there is love than to eat a lot where there is hate.
King Solomon - Proverbs 15, 17

Hair grows unnoted. And at some point you notice that you need to go to the hairdresser. Things can also grow in your life that make you less beautiful as a person. Perhaps you have become too busy unnoticed, causing you to react in an unintentionally stressful way. Have you developed bad habits recently? Did you have good intentions that need to be taken up again? Sometimes you have to give up an activity so that other areas of your life can get more attention.

Today, dare to speak about small irritations in a loving way without judging the other person or yourself. Surround the feedback about what could be better with sincere compliments about what is going well.

Inspiring text:
The gardener cuts off every branch that does not produce fruit. He also trims every branch that produces fruit to prepare it to produce even more.
Jesus – John 15, 2

Usually we only look in the mirror for practical reasons. Because of clothes or to see if our hair is all right.

Dare to look in the mirror in a different way today. Take a good look at yourself. What do you see, who do you see? Do you notice something in yourself? What are your eyes like? Perhaps it will help to say to yourself: I understand that you are tired, because you have had a busy time. Or to the younger version of yourself: I understand that you are sad about what that person said to you.
Think about a compliment you have received in the past year.
Can you say to yourself, "I am a beloved child of God?

Inspiring text:
Your face reflects something of the heavenly glory of Jesus.
Paul of Tarsus - 2nd letter to the people of Corinth, chapter 3, 18

It may be that you are so busy living, working, stressing, worrying that you forget to enjoy the little things. A flower. A beautiful view. A nice habit of your partner. A development in your child.

Today, try to stop and enjoy a little more often.
Or: for whom could you buy a flower or other gift today, to let them know that you love them and are thinking of them?

Inspiring text:
Look at the flowers. They don't work and they don't make clothes. Yet they are beautiful. Yes, even more beautiful than King Solomon in his best clothes.
Jesus - Luke 12, 27

Bag with stone
Once upon a time there were two dwarfs. They both had a bag with a heavy load in it. One wished the load to become lighter. The other wished to become stronger. Their wishes were granted. But the dwarf with the lighter load became smaller himself and could no longer carry the lighter sack. He again wished for the load to become lighter. The bag of the stronger dwarf became heavier. He wished again that he would become stronger. The wishes were fulfilled again.
After a time when this repeated itself several times, the dwarf who wished for a lighter burden was very small, while the other dwarf had become big and strong and could therefore carry a much heavier burden.

Today, think and talk about whether you are more like the first dwarf or the second. How do you deal with worries and difficulties? What could you do to become stronger, so that you can handle your situation better?

Inspiring text:
Thank God always, whatever happens.
Paul of Tarsus - 1st letter to the people of Thessaloniki, chapter 5, 18

In life, there are many choices to be made, but sometimes there are situations in which it is not so important which choice is made and you would do well to be more relaxed about the other person's opinion or proposal. Perhaps there are such less important choices to be made today and you could deal with them in a more relaxed way by throwing a die.
Such a choice could be about what you will do today.
(For example: 1 = read for at least an hour, 2 = go for a walk for half an hour, 3 = go for a walk for at least two hours. Etc.)
Or: who gets to decide what you are going to do today?
(For example: 1 = the oldest, 2 = the youngest, 3 = the one with the idea that is closest to the Almhof. Etc.)
Of course you can also just choose to play a (dice) game today.

Inspirational text:
Everyone turns out to have been born exactly on their birthday.

Thinking about the end of your holiday is not usually fun. But it might be good to think about your own house today. What do you like about your own house? What makes it HOME? What could you possibly adjust to make it even more like HOME?

Think and talk with each other about HOME, about what you like about it and what you could possibly improve.

Inspiring text:
HOME is not a place. It's a feeling.
Author unknown

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Published 07-12-2021 / Copyright © Pension Almhof